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Looking back on my life I was always in great shape, very active.
Until oneday I was no longer healthy. What did I do ?

I went to the doctor like any other human would and have done.

In the last few years I found out how everything leads to something.
I didn’t always follow a healthy diet.
Life allows us to make mistakes, we have all fell victim to eating badly.

Life, work, family, who has time to cook healthy meals.
Who has time to sit & eat healthy meals.
Single mom working supporting four kids,
I was lucky I had strength to breathe at times.

I’m going to share with you everything I have learned in my effort to
live a healthier life.
It all starts with changing life style & habits, live by this.
If your not important enough to change for, I’m sure you have someone
in your life worth making the chang for.

I have learned so much about food & the industry that creates the food.
It’s not about the quality of our lives.
It’s about faster production, higher cost for consumers,
low grade food sources.
It’s not even food any more with all the chemicals
in processed food, what are we really eating.
Cheese isn’t even cheese anymore.

Has anyone notice that as of recently the price of
packaged cheese has gone down?
Well it’s because it’s a cheese product, not actually cheese.

Same with medical care, it’s not what it once was.
Doctors, most in the medical profession
are not there to make you better.
Your just a payment to them.

I have also learned over one hundred thousand
to three hundred thousand
people die every year from taking
prescribed drugs correctly,